Delivering the world of Football.
Touchline Football was started in 2017 with the goal of building a strong football community as well as providing the latest and greatest football news from across all sections of the globe.

Who are we.
We are a football community based in the UK with a passion for the game and it’s fans. Touchline consists of over 1,600 members worldwide including our hard working staff team and journalist team.

Our Aims.
We aim to bring the best and most interesting content from across footballs many leagues. We also aspire to create opportunities for our staff in journalism through our website and build a strong community for all fans of football.

Our team.
Our team consists of 10 staff and several journalists based across the world with different footballing experience. Our team works hard to work towards our goals and make the experience for our community great.

How can I follow.
Our website posts content regularly with stories ranging from across the footballing world and offers an independent view from the stands. We also have our Discord community consisting of over 2,500 talking members and 2,000,000 messages sent since March 2017. Our twitter posts latest articles and news as well as a refreshingly simple and interesting take on football.

What we do differently.
We offer an independent view from areas of football that you didn’t even know existed. We aspire to tell the untold stories within the game and share insightful and interesting content.

Touchline is made by fans, for fans. Our views differ between journalists and offer a look into the tactical analysis, running of clubs, value of players and more into depth of the game.

How to help.
Touchline survives on the community help that powers the team day to day. Whether it’s talking on our chat with other fans or checking the latest articles on the website. Touchline survives on it’s community. You can check out ways to follow our community by reading the ‘How can I follow’ section.

We are always looking for people who have an established knowledge of the game with a good insight into football. We want to create as many opportunities as we can through our many social platforms. Applications for Moderating positions our Journalist positions are often chosen spontaneously however we are always open to fresh applicants who we find suitable for the role. Any offer to help is appreciated.

Powered by the game.
From Touchline you can expect journalists and a community who love the game with a passion, unparalleled anywhere else. We are delivering the world of Football.