Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Fifa proposes a new annual Club World Cup featuring top European teams

FIFA has officially proposed ideas for an annual edition of the Club World Cup to feature several European top tier teams.

This comes at the dismay of UEFA who are likely to vote against the plans, however this world cup may seem more favorable to other continents as it will give them more chance of drawing a big name tie.

The new Club World Cup and global Nations League would be projected to generate £17.9b in revenue. It’s massive. Fifa’s ruling council will decide whether and how to proceed when it meets in Rwanda on Thursday and Friday. It’s unknown how this will go, but it could change the dynamic of club football forever.

With the success of the Nations League in Europe, new competitions are coming into fruition to try and liven up competitions such as the Club World Cup which have seemed stale to a world audience despite having such an illusive top tier name.

The issue is sure to divide clubs across the world as to what is best for them and what is best for the club. The idea to revamp the Club World Cup is just one of FIFA’s many planned changes for the near future.

The well documented case of expanding the teams of the World Cup, making groups of 3, has come as very controversial. This is as well as plans for a ‘World League’ to follow the same model as UEFA’s new ‘Nations League’ that has come to replace International Friendlies.

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