Gibraltar’s new stadium project set to revolutionize football in the small nation

Ben Gilmour

Gibraltar has always been one of the intriguing nations of European football. Two divisions worth of teams all sharing one national stadium, but now new plans from the Gibraltar FA are set to revolutionize the game within the small rock nation.

New plans of a ‘Europa Point’ stadium to replace the old Victoria Stadium look impressive, modern and realistic for the small nation based off the south coast of Spain. The stadium comes at a time when Gibraltarian football is blossoming following acceptance into UEFA and FIFA.

For long now all Gibraltarian Football has been based in Victoria Stadium. The stadium is not suitable for international games and thus Gibraltar must play their matches far away in Faro, Portugal. With this stadium, it gives the chance for Gibraltar to play home games at home and give the locals a chance to attend matches.

The plans for this new Europa Point stadium come after ambitious plans years ago for another Europa Point stadium. However, plans for this old stadium fell apart due to concerns from the community among other issues.

With all teams based in Gibraltar set to be playing games in this new stadium, there is no doubt that it will completely change the game within Gibraltar and for the better. It allows Gibraltar to expand and progress as a footballing nation and promises exciting times for the future of the small rock nation.

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