Coventry City – The struggle for Premier League football

30 Years ago Coventry City was at the top flight of English football. Since then they have been relegated to the bottom and are slowly fighting backup with fans now boycotting home games at the Ricoh Arena and wanting the owners to go. What happened?

In December 2007, a hedge fund by the name of SISU took 90% ownership of Coventry City for £1.

From the start, Coventry fans were not confident after selling to SISU with protests starting in August 2011 after fans being tired of the lack of investment into the club.

SISU as of when they took over had huge expectations for the club, They were demanding from the manager at the time that he gets Coventry back to where they were (the Premier League) and going through multiple managers and staff. The staff however simply couldn’t work with the budget and finance given to them by SISU.

The manager of the club at the moment is Mark Robins who had some past history with the club, managing during the 12/13 season. However, he was fired in 2013 after constantly arguing with the owners. Now he’s back and fighting to get Coventry up the leagues.

Throughout the past 2 years, the club has seen small glimmers of hope. In the 2017 season, the club began life in League Two after subsequently being relegated from League One. After a hectic season, they found themselves winning the Play-Off final in Wembley and getting back into the League One.

What followed after that season would split fans but all with one hope- a future of success. After being relegated in the 16/17 season to the bottom of English Football and fans carrying onto boycott and protest the club find themselves under less pressure than before taking a comfortable place in England’s third tier.

Coventry City fans are slowly dealing with the fact that SISU will not sell the club for a while and will not be leaving anytime soon, whilst still making a decent profit on the club. The fans hope to slowly bounce back up the leagues and get back to where they believe they belong. The future is very much uncertain for the City and the Ricoh Arena, but this is a small step to getting back to business.

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